Circular Economy and Impact Entrepreneurship // Partner: European Union



React! calls on all youth workers to get inspired and share knowledge on the circular economy, impact entrepreneurship and personal development.


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Using impact entrepreneurship to develop a circular economy is critical to protect the environment and create positive societal change. But whilst awareness and interest in these topics are increasing, young people find it difficult to access the right information, tools and support to create meaningful change.

That’s why the React! provides you with various (free) products to help you make a difference, including an online course, a toolkit and a video series.


React! offers you, as a professional who works with young people, a free online course. Sign up for free to get access to online modules on the topics of Circular Economy, Impact Entrepreneurship and Personal Development.

This course will give you practical and attractive tools to provide non-formal education to young people – from understanding the principles of a sustainable economy to exploring the world of impact entrepreneurship and starting their personal development journey. Time investment: around 10 hours in total.




In addition to the online course, we provide you with a free-to-use toolkit. This toolkit gives you a summary of the most important topics of the online course. It is also full of activities, additional materials and workshop formats that you can implement directly in your work.



We’ve travelled across Europe in the past months to capture the stories of 5 pioneers working towards the circular economy in the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Lisbon and Ireland.

We dive into their lives to understand the challenges that they are facing and learn how they turn their sustainable dream into reality. Watch the full episodes on Youtube!