There are more than 110 Impact Hubs across the world with 16,000+ members. We all share one vision:

People taking collaborative action for a better world.


To connect, enable and inspire businesses, enabling them to balance social responsibility with profitability, to build a world that works for all.

What an Impact Hub is

An Impact Hub consists of three distinct elements. First, it is a vibrant community of passionate and entrepreneurial people who share an underlying intention to bring about positive change, and act as peers to cross-fertilize and develop their ventures.

Second, it is a source of inspiration that provides meaningful content through thought-provoking events, innovation labs, learning spaces, programs and facilitated conversations that support positive impact.

Third, an Impact Hub is a physical space that offers a flexible and highly functional infrastructure to work, meet, learn and connect. The magic happens where these three elements connect and are brought to life through the art of hosting.

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Sustainable Development Goals

We use the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a lens through which to view our impact in the world. The United Nations Office in Geneva acknowledges Impact Hub as a driver of community engagement to help reach the SDGs via entrepreneurial and innovative solutions.