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Being a host is being the ultimate representation of the Hub culture! You will have the responsability to take care of the space & members one day per week. In exchange, you get an unlimited membership, meaning you can use the space of the Hub all the other days! You can know more here.
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Welcome to Impact Hub Lisbon
We are Impact Hub Lisbon and we believe in the power of humans, businesses and collaboration to make the world a better place.
Workspace, community, programs, events and corporate social innovation consultancy – we cultivate opportunities for positive impact.
Last but not least, we are part of a Global Network of Impact Makers with more than 101 Impact Hub locations over the world.

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What is the impact of our global network?

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Impact Stories

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Coachmi Workshop
We enjoyed an inspiring evening of interactive exercises and clear explanations from the co-founders of Coachmi, guiding us towards the empathic
16 January 2020 | lisbon
Food for Thought 1
We've introduced a new weekly fixture in our Hub calendar, enabling community members to collaborate to address challenges they are facing. We call
15 January 2020 | lisbon
Throwback Humans of Impact
Looking back on 2019, and even further to our journey since we started, we remembered one of the earliest success stories to come out of Impact Hub
31 December 2019 | lisbon
Community Host Blog: Daphne
Just another – extraordinary - week at the office.I joined in for a Tuesday Community Lunch four weeks ago. Now I am a Community Host and
11 December 2019 | lisbon
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