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Food for thought four
For last week’s edition of Food For Thought, the Hubbers got together to help our member Kate Shifman come up with a name for the co-living space
19 February 2020 | lisbon
Humans of Impact | The Creactivist
Behind the hub is a community of amazing people. In our #humansofimpact series, we will be sharing the stories of some of our members.First up,
11 February 2020 | lisbon
Food for Thought 3
In our 3rd edition of Food for Thought, we saw 5 members come together to share food, ideas and good will.Zero Waste Youth prepared a massive
03 February 2020 | lisbon
Food for Thought 2
In our 2nd edition of Food for Thought we saw 7 members come together to share food, ideas and good will.Our well-established host
26 January 2020 | lisbon
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