According to recent survey from the European Commission, Portuguese Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) account for 67% of total value added and provide 79% of total employment in the country. These companies are mostly run by entrepreneurs who have identified a business opportunity and risked. Men and women with a taste for risk, for thinking about innovation and the development of new products.

According to the 2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER), when speaking positively about entrepreneurship, women respond with 53% versus 60% of men. What is more significant about the theme of entrepreneurial potential is the fact that, in practice, the female sex represents five percentage points less (36%) than the male sex (41%).

Overcoming the fear of failure and taking risks is vital for any business in development. In this sense, the same study reflects that the fear of failure is an important barrier for women in Portugal: 72% say that it is a fear when starting up with a business of their own, compared to 69% of men.

Portugal has a deficit of women's participation in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, this participation can be overcome with the creation of conditions favourable to its appearance. This programme aims to work soft skills to overcome the main fears pointed out as well as the hard skills that allow more information and training regarding the mechanisms of support and financing to woman initiatives.

A 3 month Business Incubation Program: supporting emerging and aspiring female entrepreneurs in the digital space. The Program delivers training and coaching, ideation workshops, strategy and business planning with a focus on continuous product validation and learning using modern management principles.

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