Throwback Humans of Impact
31 December 2019 - lisbon

Looking back on 2019, and even further to our journey since we started, we remembered one of the earliest success stories to come out of Impact Hub Lisbon: Klow, the ethical clothing brand.

They wrote us a lovely little review back in 2018, and we never shared it back then! They’ve got an ethos and mission which is totally in line with Impact Hub values: to make sustainability the standard, by supplying modern, durable and sustainable products, not harmful for the environment or our health, and following ethical behaviours, that empower and respect workers. You can see more about their values here.

And this is what they wrote for us:

Who are you?
Gaetan Gimer and Isma Chanez. 
Originally from Paris, France

How did you end up in Lisbon?
We wanted to travel for a few months, so we quit our jobs in Paris and spent nearly 5 months in Southeast Asia and Australia. Our final destination was Lisbon and we had no return ticket – not even an idea.
What impact do you want to have?
We want to give consumers a way to look great while sustainably supporting the local economy. We make sure that the workers making our clothes are not being exploited and that the materials are sustainably sourced.
Why Impact Hub Lisbon?
The Impact Hub has been so supportive of our journey and their mentoring is amazing. The community here is really special – it feels like we are working with friends. It is a trusting and giving environment, and we met our third co-founder after sharing desk space with him for several months.
Any words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Don’t try to make it alone – collaboration with others is key.”
These are still the things we consider most valuable in the Hub community – collaboration in a trusting and giving environment that enables organic connections for social enterprise.