What is in the Social Entrepreneur's Toolkit?

How to generate sustainable revenues by contributing to positive social and environmental change.

Ways of thinking, being and working which contribute to the paradigm shift for a green, fair and healthy world.

A supportive and inspiring community of like-minded seekers, hungry to innovate and collaborate for mutual benefit.

social entrepreneurs toolkit impact hub lisbon

The Community of Practice is limited to 20 participants, selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

What Can I Expect?

The purpose of the course is to equip you with knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable successful social entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their ideas to be sustainable business models, earning reliable revenues by creating positive change in the world.

In order to do this, we will introduce you to a range of tools which are well-established ingredients in the entrepreneur’s journey:

  • Theory of Change
  • Socratic Questioning: How to Think Like a Social Entrepreneur
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Lean Canvas
  • Customer Segmentation and Market Analysis
  • Evaluating and Communicating Social Impact
  • Essential Financial Tools
  • Ingredients for a Business Plan
  • Introduction to Action Learning

In addition to the course benefits, you will also be entitled to 2 months of our Impact Hub Flexible membership, meaning you can use the space for coworking 1 day per week for October and November.

It’s not just the course content that will aid you on your journey. The course is structured as a collaborative community of practice. Through expert facilitation you will be enabled to connect with and learn from fellow travellers on the entrepreneurial road. Peer-to-peer support is an essential feature of a successful business journey, and the workshops will be structured to facilitate this, creating a supportive network of informal, collaborative learning.

Participants in the first cohort said:

“In this course I experienced valuable exchanges and personal growth with like-minded people. We were guided by an experienced and thoughtful social entrepreneur, who was able to connect the different methodologies to the individual needs of each participant. The light-hearted, playful and experimental mood of the workshops helped us to ask the right questions, and made the new techniques relevant to each of our individual needs, enabling each of us to grow according to our own potential.”

When and Where?

The courses will happen once a week, from 18h30 to 20h30 at the Impact Hub Lisbon. Of course, as members, you will be welcome to use the space beforehand, so can arrive whenever you like during the day. We are also offering the course online so, wherever you are in the world, you can participate.

We have plenty of space to practise social distancing in our auditorium, and our ongoing hygiene regime ensures you can feel safe while still interacting with our community of practice.

The course will start on Tuesday, October 6th and finishes on Tuesday, November 10th.

For whom?

No matter what your profile is, if you’re looking to bring sustainable, socially-just solutions to the world, this course can help you.

  • You have an idea you want to work on, and bring it to the next stage.
  • You know you want something different, better and more rewarding from your work, but you do not know how to get it.
  • You don’t have enough work at the moment, and need to generate new revenue streams and find new clients.
  • You left your old career and are searching for inspiration.

Most of all, this course wants to help people driven by this question, which so many of us share:

How can I make a living by doing something I love, which makes the world a better place?



NON-MEMBERS: 80€ + IVA (50% discount for those receiving government unemployment support)