Impact Hub Lisbon Online

We believe that our Hub is about so much more than space. It’s about people, connections, sharing food, and supporting each other to amplify positive social change. We can still continue to foster these deep connections in new and innovative ways, using our digital connections.

We see this challenging situation as an opportunity to make our community building skills even stronger, to find creative solutions for feeling united, even if we are all in different homes, and also to learn new skills and knowledge to make us become better humans in this time of adversity.


Online Events

Follow the link to see what is happening every day. Do you want to host an event? Get in touch and we can provide you with the guidance, technology and promotion to make it a success.

Bica Time impact hub lisbon
Daily 'Bica Time' at 10, to share a coffee with members

Resource Library

A collection of online resources to inform, amuse, inspire and enable you during this time of isolation. Do you have something to contribute? Get in touch to add to the shared library.

Tips, Tricks, Webinars, Funding, Fun

Our Slack Community

The place we all meet and communicate most regularly is our Slack workspace. Members get access to this online platform where they can collaborate, communicate and contribute to the community.

Slack workspace impact hub lisbon
We have a dedicated channel for Corona related topics, as well as our usual 'events', 'opportunities', 'inspiration' and more.

Member Perks!

One of the benefits of being part of a global community is that we get preferential treatment from a range of international service providers. We also have a growing collection of Portuguese partners who offer discounts to our members. Would you like your company to support our impact-makers through a partnership with Impact Hub Lisbon? Get in touch to discuss opportunities.

Coming Soon

Member Portfolio

Here we will feature all of our members, what they do and why they do it. It will allow you to connect with them directly and, if you are a member, it will be a place where you can advertise your services.

impact hub members portfolio
Our vibrant community of change makers in Lisbon.

Global Community App

Impact Hub has developed a unique platform enabling the entire 16,000+ members of our global community to connect, interact and collaborate. We will soon be rolling this out to our Lisbon members, to provide them with support during the challenging era of Covid-19.


Global community app impact hub
A space to share, participate and learn from our global community of change makers.