GROW Observatory Event
17 September 2019 - lisbon

We enjoyed an inspiring night that demonstrated the power of every individual to participate in the gathering and analysis of scientific data to inform responses to the climate crisis.

There was so much information about the project…where to begin.

Their work on place making was inspiring, with Community Champion programs happening in every corner of Europe, making public, shared spaces more pleasant while also using them as data gathering points.

Next was the explanation of the Portuguese ‘Soilution’ project.

portugal solution grow observatory impact hub lisbon

We also got a detailed insight into the deep data side of things: how it is gathered and managed, how faults are identified & rectified, all with the use of AI. Very impressive, and huge, huge data sets!

Using these data sets, we learned, can also contribute to increase democratic engagement & the decentralisation of information and power. We saw examples of the “future of farming”, such as Growing Underground. But we also saw warnings about the increasingly negative impacts of agriculture on the environment.

An extremely wide-ranging audience discussion ensued, touching on the potential health risks of 5G and myriad other topics, and which demonstrated the remarkable collective knowledge of the assembled audience.

And it wouldn’t be the Impact Hub if we did not have some food and drink. There was a lovely spread of vegan snacks at the end, when we all were able to mingle and follow up the discussions we had enjoyed.