Food for Thought 2
26 January 2020 - lisbon

In our 2nd edition of Food for Thought we saw 7 members come together to share food, ideas and good will.

Our well-established host Elliot brought together six fellow members to discuss the trouble he’s been having with finding his ideal target market for his part-time CFO business. We spoke with him after the lunchtime meeting and he told us that the wide variety of backgrounds of the Impact Hub members allowed for some very constructive and insightful conversation. This all left him with plenty of new ideas to approach, empowered to test the market and with new ideas about how to better tailor his services. While he left with a head full of ideas, the rest of the participants with a belly full of his vegan curry.

Just another example of the #hubcrew uniting to solve problems together, leveraging their collective wisdom to overcome individual challenges.