Food for Thought 1
15 January 2020 - lisbon

We’ve introduced a new weekly fixture in our Hub calendar, enabling community members to collaborate to address challenges they are facing. We call it Food for Thought.

A member brings a challenge they are facing, and prepares lunch for 5 fellow members – that’s the Food. The Thought is contributed by the 5, who help the chef for an hour over lunch, brainstorming, asking challenging questions and suggesting solutions. We just trialled our first one, and it was a great success!

food for thought 1 impact hub lisbon community

Our community manager Bruno brought the first challenge, about a subject that is still not quite ready for public advertising, but it’s going to be a big deal this summer! He cooked us a mushroom pasta with Portuguese ingredients from the local market, and one of our newest members brought brownies…

But how was the communal problem solving? It was another amazing demonstration of the depth and range of skills in our community. We had people who are experts in marketing, branding, events, digital management and the creative industries. Some mention was made of the famous Simon Sinek Golden Circle theory of starting with the Why, and then moving on to the How and What. This has given Bruno some serious food for thought, as he tries to clarify the key mission of the project he is working up.

So much of our Portuguese Impact Hub life is based around food…it’s no surprise that we were oversubscribed for this ‘free lunch’! And members are already queuing up to be the next chef, showing that the old saying is true: ‘a problem shared is a problem halved.’