What is the Impact Hub Global Network?

By being a member of Impact Hub Lisbon, you are a member of all Impact Hubs around the world. Every member is entitled to 3 free days of coworking at each of the global locations! Impact Hub is a global community of people from every profession, background and culture, working at ‘new frontiers’ to tackle the world’s most pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges.

From San Francisco to London, Johannesburg, Rio, and Madrid, Tokyo, Melbourne and Tel Aviv, 16.000+ members in more than 100 locations on 5 continents, come to the Impact Hub Global Network to take collaborative action for a better world.

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Why join Impact Hub Lisbon?

Impact Hub Lisbon is about the power of collaboration between people with ideas. We hold space for purpose-driven people just like YOU, to connect and build solutions for a better world. Our members are value-driven entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, activists, creatives, investors, freelancers and mentors who work together, share ideas and resources.

Our members not only work here; they attend and produce events, run their own workshops, access funding and mentorship, find co-conspirators and partners, participate in social networks, build campaigns, launch companies, prototype and test products… all within a creative environment dedicated to accelerating possibilities.

What is Impact Hub Lisbon?

Impact Hub Lisbon is a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals who are transforming business with responsibility at the forefront. We believe in a future, where each individual and organization will take entrepreneurial and collaborative action to make the world a better place.

As a member of a growing global network based in 100+ cities across the world, we globally and locally inspire, enable, and connect people to create positive impact.

To achieve our vision, we aim to become the largest community catalyzer for positive impact in Lisbon. We are building a vibrant and diverse community of Impact Makers through our collaborative workspace, eye-opening events, corporate social innovation consultancy service and transversal programs for social entrepreneurs.

Change cannot happen in isolation, come join us!

How do I become a member?

Have a look at our membership packages and evaluate which would best suit your needs, then please fill in the application form on this website. Someone from our team will contact you shortly to schedule a meeting to get to know each other better and plan your membership experience.

I am not a social entrepreneur, can I join Impact Hub Lisbon?

Our purpose is to bring together people from diverse horizons to foster impact-driven collaborations. Therefore, you don’t have to be a social entrepreneur to be part of our ecosystem. Our community is made up of entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals. Our hub-members have different backgrounds, but share the same intention to empower one another and act as peers to cross-fertilize and develop their ventures.

Do you allow trial days or drop-ins?

Yes, come down and spend a day here before committing to a membership, so you can see if the space and environment fits your needs. While there is no need to book, we do recommend joining us for our weekly community lunch, when you can break bread with our members. Sign up for free through our Facebook page.

Where is Impact Hub Lisbon?

We are located in Rua 1º de Maio 103, Alcântara, 1300-472 Lisbon. Our space is inside the facility of “Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa”. You can check out our exact location here.

Once you are at Rua 1° de Maio 103 in Alcântara, look out for our banner at the entrance of Carris and follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Say “Hi!” to the security staff at the entrance of “Companhia de Carris de Ferro de Lisboa” and let them know you are on your way to Impact Hub Lisbon

2) From there, walk straight along the tram tracks into the yard.

3) Climb the metal staircase with the Impact Hub Lisbon logo, on your left

What is the coolest thing since Pastel de Nata?

Impact Hub Lisbon 🙂