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Leadership Basics

  • Impact Hub Lisbon (map)

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You will build skills to lead your career with more impact, fulfillment and excitement. You will discover your core strengths and learn how to tap them in pursuit of your work. 

This workshop is the first dimension of a 5-part leadership series. The program developed by McKinsey & Company is designed to help men and women gain the skills, courage and confidence to lead their lives more effectively.

The importance of our STRENGTHS

Research shows that about 40% of our happiness comes from being engaged in activities that energize us and where we feel we can make a difference. The best way to do this is by using our strengths.
Our strengths should therefore be the starting point in unlocking our full potential as a leader. Living into our strengths means we do what we love and become exceptional instead of trying to fix weaknesses just to battle for ‘average’. Come and discover more of the strengths that lie at your core and bring out the best leader in you.

This 2-hour workshop includes: 

- Understanding the concept of Strengths-Based Development
- Identifying the leader you see in yourself
- Discover how you can reach your full potential through your individual strengths

After this workshop you leave with:

- Greater self-awareness
- An repertoire of skills you can apply as a leader at work and in life
- Renewed energy to lead in a complex world using your strengths

For whom:

- Anyone who wants to become a better (personal) leader
- Professionals at any stage of their career are welcome

Eva Bonsel-Graafsma
Coach, Trainer, People Leader, & Founder of Sprout Now

Workshop held in ENGLISH
Invest in your strengths for a positive change in your life - 20€
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