Community Host Blog: Elliot
25 November 2019 - lisbon
We support our members’ impact journeys by sharing skills within the community. Our Community Hosts offer their time to our members, providing expert advice in a range of fields.

Today, our Community Host Elliot sat down with Maria to speak about how to manage funding she recently received for her NGO CanChange.Games (website coming soon, images above). They are developing an interactive game which educates young woman in eastern Europe and Asia, starting with Kyrgyzstan, about bride kidnapping. Their discussion touched on a number of topics such as:
  • How to structure equity ownership in a fair manner between co-founders
  • Co-founder and early stage employee salaries
  • Contractor vs. employees for early phases of development
  • Legal structure & incorporation
  • How to motivate early employees in a NGO startup where equity cannot be used

Elliot’s background in private equity and finance may seem a far cry from the issue of human trafficking, but the challenges of managing money, running a stable, scale-able business and establishing effective governance translate across sectors.

We are going to be scaling up this peer support program of skills-sharing as the winter progresses, ready for fresh buds of green business shoots to emerge in spring!