Community Host Blog: Daphne
11 December 2019 - lisbon

Just another – extraordinary – week at the office.

I joined in for a Tuesday Community Lunch four weeks ago. Now I am a Community Host and occupy one of the work spots three days a week.

Lots of things are happening here at ImpactHub, and the best thing of being a Host is that you get to talk with all the members. Not only is there lots to learn from them, it’s also a way to connect on a social level and to have inspiring conversations. And when the connection is made, exchanging skills and ideas just comes naturally.

To give some insight on what this looks like in practice, here’s a summary of my week:
– enjoying another community lunch and meeting an Erasmus entrepreneur with a scholarship to start his own business
– learning about picking and recognizing wild vegetables from sustainable food days
– a lesson in organic cosmetics
– buying plants from a team member
– drafting ideas with an IH-member to start a culture and debate center for the city
– supporting writing a proposal for a big social impact event for a client of IH
– learning about neuroscience open source machinery
– thinking about what to bring for the Christmas community dinner

..and we’re only mid week!

Community members find each other every day. Meaningful conversations and fun brainstorms alternate. Plus, IH organizes low key events for the members to connect easily. So this week we’ll have a Christmas community dinner, the week before there was a townhall meeting to engage with the members, next week…..?

Never a dull moment at IH.
(only the dog thinks otherwise)