Coachmi Workshop
16 January 2020 - lisbon

We enjoyed an inspiring evening of interactive exercises and clear explanations from the co-founders of Coachmi, guiding us towards the empathic listening skills of a coach.

A mixture of members and external guests arrived to learn about what it means to be a coach, and how we can all embed the coaching attitude and skills into our daily lives, professional and personal. There were instructive discussions about the spectrum of support roles: coach, mentor, friend, manager, consultant, therapist etc.

coaching spectrum coachmi impact hub lisbon

And this workshop focused on one of the many skills of coaching: active listening. So we collaborated with our fellow participants to explore a range of attitudes, from giving advice to total silence, in order to explore how it made both parties feel as we analysed challenges we were facing. This was really useful, not just to understand active listening, but because several of us actually found that we made real progress in understanding our challenges and how to overcome them.

active listening coaching coachmi impact hub lisbon

By the end of the night, everyone agreed they had gained insights into their own lives, and we shared our inspiration to learn more about these approaches, and to embed them into our daily lives for the benefit of ourselves and our communities.

Coachmi are on a mini-roadshow around Lisbon at the moment, sharing their wisdom and building a community of practice. If you want to participate, check their website and social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. You can also learn more about their journey and mission in the article here. We look forward to watching their journey to success!