Bora Mulheres with Coca Cola

bora mulheres coca cola impact hub 2019

What was Bora Mulheres?

The goal of the event was to inspire women to take the leap into entrepreneurship. The problem we sought to overcome was the sense of being overwhelmed and under-informed which many people, women especially, feel when they consider striking out on their own.

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What did we do?

We convened an inspiring range of speakers, male and female, who could share their wisdom and insights with the participants over two days of intensive talks and workshops.

Taking place in Portuguese, the topics included:

bora mulheres celebrate impact hub lisbon
bora mulheres impact hub lisbon

We are delighted to be delivering the Bora Mulheres program again in 2020, and will be sharing further details as they develop. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to make sure you stay updated!

And you can count on there being more delicious food at the Bora Mulheres events in 2020, as there is at all our events! Delicious, healthy, ethical food prepared on site with minimal packaging and from local suppliers wherever possible.

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