Business Models for Social Enterprise

Contribute to the paradigm shift for a more sustainable and ethical economy.

Design a new social enterprise based on environmental sustainability and social impact.

Join a Community of Practice to develop partnerships and increase your impact through collaboration.

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The Community of Practice is limited to 20 participants, selected on a first come, first served basis.

What Can I Expect?

In partnership with PlusAcumen, the world’s school for social change, we are offering a 6-week blended learning course comprising:

  • 5 online modules of PlusAcumen videos and texts to inspire and inform you
  • 6 in-person/virtual workshops, led by established social entrepreneurs
  • Expert witness sessions from Impact Hub Lisbon members
  • Additional learning materials developed by the Impact Hub Global Network
  • 2 months of our Impact Hub Flexible membership

Be Informed

PlusAcumen modules will introduce you to the key tools and methodologies for developing your idea into a viable business.

Be Inspired

Workshops led by Impact Hub staff and members will provide leadership, support and inspiring examples, full of the joys and sorrows of the social entrepreneur’s journey.

Get Connected

The Community of Practice will introduce you to fellow travellers on the road to social entrepreneurship, and your Impact Hub membership will link you with our 16,000 global members.

Read the course description here.

Benefits to you

As a result of participating in the course you will:

  • Understand different ways to develop, evaluate and modify business models to maximise financial sustainability and social impact
  • Create and test hypotheses about your target market size, cost structure, revenue streams and value chain partnerships
  • Equip yourself with the mindset and methods needed to become a social entrepreneur
  • Build lasting relationships with local change-makers
  • Enjoy all the benefits of Impact Hub Flexible Membership for two months

When and Where?

Mindful of the ongoing restrictions due to Covid-19, we are offering participants flexibility about how they participate in this course. Normally the course would have two components: the online modules and the in-person workshops. The online modules are completed autonomously in your own time. The in-person workshops will take place one evening per week from 18:00 to 20:00, here in the Impact Hub. We have enough space to host the full cohort at appropriate social distances, but expect many people to attend virtually.

The course opens on June 9th, when we will be having an introductory session. This will allow us to form practice groups and to orient ourselves to the PlusAcumen methodologies and online platform. We will also take this chance to onboard you into our Impact Hub community, as well as our virtual Slack workspace.

To ensure that everyone can participate, we will be live-streaming the evening workshops. They will also be recorded, so you can access them in your own time, but we urge everyone to show up on the day, because live interaction with the whole cohort adds significant value.

For whom?

This course is directed at aspiring social entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, or anybody else wishing to create an ethical enterprise. It is an opportunity for career-shifters to put flesh on the bones of their ambitious dreams. Most importantly, this course provides a framework for designing your own social or environmental enterprise. So no matter what you’re profile is, if you’re looking to bring sustainable, socially just solutions to the world, this course can help you.



NON-MEMBERS: 80€ (50% discount for those receiving government unemployment support)